Corn Items Collectors Association, Inc.
(Also identified as CICA)
The organization was founded in 1981 as the Corn Husking Hook and Pegs Collecting Association. It's interest was to collect and preserve information and memorabilia having to do with the husking of corn. The newsletter was appropriately named THE BANG BOARD (published quarterly by and for member of the Corn Items Collectors Association, Inc.).

It was soon realized that corn, in general, was of more interest, and vast in nature, so the collecting of all corn related items was the logical direction to pursue. In 1986 the name was changed to the Corn Items Collectors Association. The CICA was later incorporated as a non-profit national organization, the Corn Items Collectors Association, Inc.

The purpose of the CICA is as follows: " To promote the collection, restoration, preservation, and exhibition of corn related items, memorabilia, and any other articles of historical and/or educational value. To share knowledge and understanding with others, especially where it may benefit restorations for museums and institutions."

Current CICA membership includes approximately 100+ members from approximately 30 states. Meetings are held in conjunction with shows several times throughout the summer.  CICA members also show their collections during the summer at various antique tractor shows and the like throughout the corn belt.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click "HERE" for a printable application. Print directly from your browser window, or right click on the image file and save to your computer for printing.

Last updated 1-27-2003
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