Half Bushel Seed Corn Sacks
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  Abshiers - Golden Rule Hybrids - Dbl.Sided_(71236)

  Dekalb - More Farmers Plant Dekalb, Old logo, Ear to the left_(59420)

  Dekalb -Dekalb Quality Hybrids, Newer logo, Ear to the right_(15086)

  Dyar - Top Quality Hybrids _(99496)

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  Funk's - Dbl. sided, Auther Akin producer_(39189)

  Funk's - Arther Akin producer_(41422)

  Funk's - Dbl. sided, Arther Akin producer_(10426)

  Funk's - Columbiana producer_(46576)

  Funk's - Columbiana producer_(99779)

  Funk's - Frank Garwood producer_(26475)

  Funk's - Dbl. sided, Frank Garwood producer_(13157)

  Funk's - Funk's Bros. producer, Belle Plaine, IA_(17475)

  Funk's - Funk's Bros. producer, Belle Plaine, IA_(15313)

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  Kenyons - Hybrid Seed Corn_(82782)

  King - Plant King Hybrids for King Sized Yields_(59311)

  Marsh - Marsh Corn Hybrids, Dbl. sided logo_(93848)

  Master Farmer - 1/2 bushel_(85525)

  Millers - Miller's Dependable, Dbl. sided logo, Indiana Cetified_(47998)

  Moews - Improved Hybrids_(85975)

  Northrup King Kingscrost - Orange Sack - Dbl. sided_(53694)

  Ohio Certified - Ohio Hybrid Seed Corn Producers_(92148)

  Ohio Certified - 1/2 bushel_(57954)

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  Pew's - Highest Quality,Best Grade Hybrid_(53360)

  Pfister - Genuine Pfister Hybrids, Special_(98689)

  Pfister - _ Genuine Pfister Hybrids, Orcutt Hybrid Corn Co. producer, 1942 Test tag_(20498)

  Pfister - _ Genuine Pfister Hybrids, Schrock Hybrid Corn Co. producer_(20558)

  Pioneer - Older Diamond shape logo, Every Ear From A Detasseled Plant_(30315)

  Pioneer - 1948 test tag, Older Diamond shape logo, Every Ear From A Detasseled Plant_(47161)

  Plymouth - Improved Plymouth Hybrids, Proven Performance_(78339)

  Shadybrook - Quality Hybrid Seed Corn, Dbl. sided logo_(11235)

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  Vinton - We Sell to Sell Again_(23867)

  Yost - Hybrids_(43933)

Last updated 7-4-2002

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