Sample Seed Corn Sacks
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Click on the links below to view a photo of the described sample sacks. You can also use your browsers, Edit, Find in Pagefunction in the toolbar. Check back often, I'm always adding more sacks. Once viewed, select back to return to this page.

Cargill- 2lb sample sack_(80955)
Crow's- 1lb sample sack_(69451)
Crow's- 2lb sample sack, double sided, crows 607_(87731)
Dekalb- 10lb sample sack, red ball logo-fairly rare, older ear logo up to the left_(30131)
Dekalb- 5lb sample sack, free sample, older ear logo up to the left_(55436)
Funk's- 3lb sample sack, old logo_(46873)
Funk's- 5lb sample sack, newer logo _(57538)
Funk's- 1lb research sample sack_(72129)
Funk's- 5lb research sample sack_(25910)
Gries- 10lb sample sack_(83361)
Hoegemeyer- 5lb sample sack_(37284)
ICIA Certified - 2lb official sample sack_(29812)
Iowealth- 5lb sample sack, double sided_(52572)
Minhybrid- 5lb sample sack_(90840)
Northrup King - KX Kingscrost, 5lb sample sack_(87124)
Northrup King - NK 10lb sample sack_(85424)
Northrup King - KX Kingscrost, 5lb sample sack (same as above)_(88423)
NK Brand - Sandoz Seeds, 10lb sample sack_(51930)
NK Brand - Novartis Seeds, 5lb sample sack_(87207)
NK Brand - Novartis Seeds, 10lb sample sack_(60662)
Pioneer- 8oz sample sack_(56029)
Pioneer- 10lb sample sack_(37938)
Pioneer- 5lb sample sack_(26912)
Pioneer- 5lb sample sack_(36016)
Stiegelmeier- 10lb sample sack_(30747)
Tomahawk & Clarke - 10lb sample sack  _(42169)
Tomco- (Tomahawk-Carlson-Clarke) 10lb sample sack, double sided_(46493)
United- 8oz sample sack_(96958)
United Hagie - 8oz sample sack_(95890)

Other sample size sacks...
Condon's- 8oz sample sack
Funk's- 3lb Lindsey hybrid sorghum sack
Funk's- 5lb hybrid sorghum research seed sack
Funk's- 1lb Funk's Green Lawn seed
Funk's- 1lb Kentucky Blue Grass seed
Garst & Thomas - 5lb hybrid grain sorghum sack (fairly rare sack)

Last Updated 9-8-2001

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