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Who We Are

History Lesson, History Lesson (ours, not CORN). My wife and I were both born and raised city folk (ok, small town and moved to the city folk). She's a little country, I'm a little rock"n"roll. We grew up in Central Illinois, surrounded by tall CORN. Sure, we both knew what CORN was, it was the stuff that blocked your view at intersections when you were out for a Sunday drive in the country, it was the stuff that gobbled up that home run baseball, never to be seen again, it was the stuff you put butter and salt on and ate until you couldn't eat any more, not really, that's sweet CORN or PopCORN. What we didn't know was how important CORN really is to the world.

We currently live in North Central Illinois, about 15 minutes south of Rockford. Rolling prairie soils, in the heart of the CORN belt. Flatlander's we're called by our cheesy friends to the north. I think they are just jealous of us Illinoisens because our legs are equal length (just kidding).

I currently work in the Seed CORN industry and have for about 18 years. Seed CORN is my CORN-bread and butter. During the CORN growing season, you can usually find me outstanding in the field, looking CORN-fused! My wife is employed in the dental field and shows me how to keep the Sweet CORN and PopCORN cleaned from between my teeth. We have one adopted child, a cat named "Mickey", who looks to be CORN-fed.

I started collecting CORN related items 18 years ago, when I first started working in the CORN industry. Most of the items I collected from those early years have since worn out, been thrown away or given to someone who had a interest in owning them. Recently, I started collecting again, seriously this time! My "renewed" interest in collecting CORN items really took off with the purchase of one small item, a Lester Pfister fence tag. I won't go into what a LP fence tag is, but after purchasing this item and joining the Corn Items Collector Association, Inc. (CICA), my collection has grown to a room full of items, and counting.

I'm an avid collector of FUNK'S "G" and NORTHRUP KING / KINGSCROST items. Both, well know seed companies in their day, now, both have been gobbled up and swallowed in the merger and acquisition craze. My collection from both has steadily grown in the last few year and includes; cloth seed CORN and field seed sacks, field signs, pocket notebooks, paper catalogs / brochures and premium (give away) type items. You name it, I want it in my collection. In addition to the above items I also have a collection of approximately 300 cloth seed CORN sacks / 100 brochures / 70 field signs / 35 hat patches from other companies, seed CORN dryers and husking pegs.

I spend about 1 weekend a month during the summer showing my various collections at tractor and farm shows, usually within a 4 hour radius of North Central Illinois. I've spent more time traveling to the various shows as my collection(s) have grown over the last few years. My time at the shows is generally spent talking with people who stop by and trading with other CICA members.